Upcoming Shows

Fri 29/10
Gossip Bar - Dress up or die Halloween party

Sat 20/10
Klerksdorp with Tidal Waves & Octanium

Sat 13/11
HOOLA ZOMBIE / Hawaiian Undead party
- Cool Runnings Victory Park
with The Shadow Club-
Dress up & get in for free

Sun 21/11
Cool Runnings Hatfield
, Unplugged

Fri 26/11
The Winston
, KZN with Sibling Rivalry

Sat 27/11
The Red Door Festival
, Pietermaritzburg with The Otherwise & Catlike Thieves

Sun 28/11
Rock Bottom
, Clarens

Durban Delight

What’s the one thing you shouldn’t forget to pack when you’re heading to Durban? That’s right, your bathing suit. What did I forget to pack? Right again, my bathing suit. So what’s a “weird, hillybilly punkster” (Dave Mac – Muse Magazine) to do? Why improvise of course! You may have noticed that we Cortina girls don’t really have much “skaam” so there we were, our white, pasty, un-toned bodies frolicking gleefully on the beach, me in my undies and Loandi and I both squealing joyfully as we played paddle tennis. Let me also add here that Durbanites have the nicest bodies, I guess it pays to live near the ocean.

Playing at the Thunderoad rock fest in Durban was a momentous show for us because for the first time as a band we were flown in to play one show and then flown back home. Usually we spend hours on the road, nipping down to Cape Town or Mozambique over a weekend and then nipping back. Perhaps ‘nipping’ isn’t the right word, trekking might describe more adequately the experience of driving 14 hours to play one show. So, although we may not quite have our “air legs” just yet it was a welcomed change from the arduous drives we’ve become accustomed to and of course Loandi is always there to hold back your hair if you feel nauseous during turbulent moments.

As for Durban gigs in general, this is the second one we’ve played on the East Coast and quite frankly Durban is one of our favourites, so far the hospitality, the crowds, and the organizers have all been tops in Durban. Thanks Taryn, Jono, The City Bowl Mizer lads, the people who attended and Sven for making it a great trip - we look forward to our return at the end of November - watch Facebook for details


The Tuks FM 107.2 story so far..

Use your voice to demonstrate to Tuks FM 107.2 the power of good taste and social media! Request Cortina Whiplash until they have no choice but to play the music of the people!


We've decided to document our attempts to try and get some airplay on our local rock 'n roll station Tuks FM 107.2.

The story so far:

We personally delivered our album and press kit to the Tuks FM 107.2 offices about two months ago and had to email the music manager (who is apparently no longer the music manager) numerous times before getting the following email:

Dear Avriel (who the hell is Avriel?)

"Thank you for submitting your material to TUKS FM 107.2. Unfortunately it has been decided not to playlist your material. Please feel free to submit any other material in future.

Have a rocking day!!"

Have a rocking day.... how patronizing.

We have subsequently failed to get ANY response from Tuks FM 107.2 to our numerous emails asking simply for a reason why they refuse to air our music.


Like, we're a rock 'n roll band from Pretoria, if we can't get airplay on our local rock 'n roll station what gives? Why do we always have to look outside of Pretoria for any recognition and independent thought? (No offense to the few wildly independent thinkers in Pretoria)

Is it Pretoria? Is it the people? Is it such a bad thing to break from the standard commercial, predictable chord changes for just a moment and try something new? Are we the only ones hungry and desperate for some change? For someone to grow a left brain and start airing music that hasn't been on the same Tuks playlist since 1999? For someone crazy ass mother f*%&*& to play something interesting, say something interesting, and do something interesting!

I'm worried I tell you, with all the pent up, repressed energy in this town pretty soon something is gonna give and that's when we'll get some crazy ass mother f%&8## opening fire on all the 'hippies' at drum circle.

So in the interest of public safety, we implore you to implore Tuks FM 107.2 to play some Cortina Whiplash.

Peace in the Middle East!



The next Cortina Whiplash gig will be in Durban and we can't wait to be coast side with all the fine Durbanites.

The Hosts:

Jah-Know Buu

The Bands:

City Bowl Mizers
New Holland
Cortina Whiplash
GO! GO! Bronco
Fruit and Veggies
The Royal

Th DJs:

DJ Dylan

Beer Garden
Mechanical Bull
Air Blimp
Food Stands
Shooter Bars.

SAFE and SECURE PARKING for R20 (off Jako Jackson RD)

Entrance: R80 AT THE DOOR!

Rock an` Roll !!


Thanks Sergio Pereira for the tastefully snazzy article and album review in this month's Muse Magazine. If you're cool you'll know where to find a copy and you'll also know that they're FREE!

You can also check it out online:


Cortina Whiplash


Gig Guide for the weekend



Frankie Fire
D-Day Forever
Better of Blind
Cortina Whiplash
Man As Machine
Glens End
Hybrid Tribe
Chiba Fly
Frankie Fire
Gently Scarr'd
Black Cat Bones
Hoot 'n Anny
Allan John Band

* * *

This Sunday we are celebrating the life of Wouda Rosenzweig who tragically passed away on 1st September. He was the legendary music manager at The Bohemian pub and was known for his love of Stoli Vodka . Wouda was a good friend to many a musician and was instrumental in transforming the Bohemian into one of the most important live music venues in the country. Wouda was attributed as a respected artist...passionate about music... and giving up and coming bands and artistes the chance to showcase their music. As a tribute to this great man and his work a number of bands are performing at the Bohemian, most of whom owe a great deal to Wouda for helping them kickstart their life in the rock and roll scene.

Confirmed Line-Up:

13:30 U.F.O.
14:15 Lu De Pina ( from One Night Stands) - solo act
15:00 Fret
15:45 ShortStraw
16:30 Cortina Whiplash
17:30 The Stellas
18:30 Brixton moord
19:30 Dead Alphabet
20:30 The Black Jacks
21:30 The Shadowclub

Entrance: R50
Time: 13h00


If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen a hippopotamus with painted toenails I’d have… one.

If I had a penny for every time someone has underestimated this band I’d be filthy rich!

So hear this and hear it good…


You’ve been warned.