New drummer takes the stage

We are ready to take the stage and rock your socks off like never before! Join us at Town Hall for The Stella's Video ReLaunch Party!

Video Relaunch of The Stella's debut music video, "Get Going"

With Special Guests:
  • Black Pimpin' Jesus
  • Cortina Whiplash
  • Tidal Waves

20 Bones gets you in!

Free Shots at the door, Giveaways & More!

There is also a party at The Woods, so for R30 extra, you can get access to both venues and treat yourself to:
  • Eyes Like Mirrors
  • Aneva
  • Dead Alphabet
  • Man as Machine
See you Rockers & Rollers there!


Converse Halloween Block Party

Hi Cortina fans, open this link to win FREE double tickets to the Converse Halloween Block Party where you can see our brothers The Stella's in action. Just click on the "Block Party" app under the Converse profile pic and then on the "click here to activate your tag" button and follow the steps. We just got our tickets. Hope to see you there!



I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that music is a lot like sport.

You see I often marvel at sport’s ability to connect people no matter what their differences and I’m fascinated by how guys chasing after a ball and sort of, but not quite, touching each others’ balls can have people glued to their TVs. I watch with wonderment as the outcome of a match dictates peoples’ emotional state for the day and to be honest with you all the while I secretly wish that local music had the same hold and impact on people.

I guess with sport you always know what you’re going to get, there’ll be a loser and there’ll be a winner and they’ll both be praying to god to win, and god will be too busy being an omnipotent, unimaginably magnificent being to give a shit, but that’s not the point...point is, there are a lot of rubbish bands around so I can understand why people feel like, when it comes to music, they don’t always know what they’re going to get. At the same time there are a lot of brilliant bands out there and let’s face it you have to wade through a lot of B.S before you find a diamond. Today everyone who owns an electronic device can make a tune and put it out there so be prepared to wade the crap out of that crap.

But back to sport and music.

Think of bands like ‘teams’ and gigs like ‘matches’. There will be winners and there will be losers, sometimes everyone will lose and sometimes everyone will win. There will be good sportsmanship between bands but sometimes it will get dirty. I like to think of sound engineers as ‘referees’ who occasionally “fix” gigs with bad sound ruining the most brilliantly talented band’s game. Of course some refs are fantastic and get kick drums sounding so phat you can feel the beat in your chest. And who doesn’t love a streaker? The analogy is endless.

My point? I don’t have to have a point.



Happy Happy

We wish the happiest of birthdays to our fearless front lady. Happy birthday Loandi!

You have a voice that can shake any tree, we love Thee!


Where music venues go to die

When did our country become a totalitarian state that seeks to shut down venues that promote live local music? Or is it just the disgruntled neighbours who, because they haven't had sex in the past 20 years, choose to release their energy in less enjoyable ways like bitching and lodging complaints about the noise of those who are having fun?

I'll never know because in my corner of reality music is an integral part of humanity and the money spent trying to shut down music venues (music venues I might add that provide employment for many people) could be better spent on, oh I don't know, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome awareness? Education? Public transport?

'Tis a sad day when music become
s the target of the ignorant.

But there is no way to stifle music, the more they try the more creative we'll become at finding places and ways to continue making m

What say you?

Click here and Join the discussion

P.S. Sign the petition!http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savecrf


We might even cook you breakfast

Big ups to WOOLWORTHS SA for rolling with us for a day!

Click here to Check out the Competition:
You could win a private Cortina Whiplash gig at your house... you know you want to get up close and personal with us, we might even cook you breakfast.


Being in a position where you have to choose one person and let others down sucks balls, we wish we could've chosen everyone and created a multi-drummer extravaganza of a band but alas that would mean no room on stage for the rest of us. This has been one of the hardest decisions for us to make as a band and I don't think we'll ever put ourselves through this process again - it's kak!

Thank you all again and don't stop jamming, you all have bright futures as musicians if you choose to go that route...


We don't want money or fame we just want to make you feel uncomfortable

My good people, specifically Cortina Whiplash fanpagedom... as the year starts winding down so too will the band, for as much as we love performing circus tricks for you all we must take time to conclude the search for our new drummer, begin the momentous task of band bonding, record a new video or two and start work on our upcoming album (pant).
But do not despair!
We'll still be playing a few select shows
(did we mention the super secret super awesome show this Thursday at the Bo? http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=229125120443665) before the year is up.

Let it be known that when we do return in full force next year we'll be even more tasteless and vulgar than ever (yet with a bigger sense of irony). We are the cold, hard, ugly truth and we're here to stay. So to all of you who've tried to sabotage us, underestimated us, attempted to belittle us, projected their emotional issues or feelings of inadequacy on us, or behaved in any other lame manner towards this band we spit on you *ptweey* and we say, "You missed the point douche!" when you get it we'll be waiting at the poolside bar and so will the rest of the fantastic people we call our friends.


Cortina Whiplash - Acoustic Set @ Love & Revolution

Shop 4B, 7th Street Melville, Johannesburg

Lash by bloody lash
The She-devils from Danville
Will get their revenge...

...for those of you who don't like it too rough; we give you acoustic
whiplash at one of our absolute favourite spots in the world
- Love & Revolution.

Come hungry, they serve a lovely vegetarian lunch.
Free entrance
Donations welcome

3 - 6 PM

Bring your mother

Pray That My Flu Clears up Quickly

We are the red, ripe, pulsating pimple on your face. We are that finger-licking friend who sticks their grimy hand in your pack of crisps. We are that awkward silence after someone commits a social faux-pas. We are that tight key-ring that hurts your nail every time you try adding a key to it. We are the phlegm that just won’t go down.

Oh no wait… that’s not us, we’re awesome in fact we’re the opposite of all the things I just said. I was actually describing 3 Talk with Noleen and all the other things I feel superior towards, superiority included.

You see, it’s not easy being a hyper-intelligent being in this day and age, what with all the poor grammar and E-minor blues pentatonic scales going around, it really prays on ones sense of well-being. I’ve searched for others like me but my benefit-of-the-doubt approach with people often leaves me feeling depressed and despondent. People are such a bummer. And I know this sounds superbly arrogant of me, this self-made proclamation of hyper-intelligence but it is a reality I have to bear and often those of a lesser intellect will feel threatened and insulted by such a proclamation, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

What’s my point you ask? There is no point. Life is futile. That’s why I play in a rock ‘n roll band - it beats allowing somebody to beat off their suppressed, my-childhood-made-me-this-way issues on me. That and the ability to bleed out your emotions through a booze-fueled, distortion-heavy, rock ‘n roll hurricane is something I wouldn’t trade for a million years.

Peace in the Middle East.
-Tessa Lily


Cortina Whiplash needs a new drummer

It is with mixed emotion that we start our search for the new Cortina
Whiplash drummer. Sjanine is simply moving in a new, exciting
direction and we wish her only super good things for her future. Of
course we'll miss the crap out of her and anyone wishing to audition
should acknowledge now that they'll have big shoes to fill...

It`s a slow changeover and Miss Diamantes will still be playing quite a few shows with us.

Time: Saturday, July 16 · 11:00am - 2:00pm

Location: Pretoria

The search is on for our new drummer!

Auditions are open to men and women (but we'd be lying if we said we
wouldn't prefer a female candidate).

Audition dates:
16 July, 20 August and 27 August.

If you're serious about auditioning send us an email at
Subject: Audition

No idiots please.

Yours affectionately,
Cortina Whiplash


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Any more rum and we’ll end up dumb! (and possibly with hairy chests) and let’s face it, who wants to watch an all girl band with hairy chests? Well, me but people seem to think I’m insane, which is fine because “In a country full of Neanderthals, I’ll wear the label like a f*#kin' badge of honor. Oh how I wish I could take credit for that quote!

It’s been a while since I’ve bloggidy blog blogged, I would get into the reasons why but I’m afraid I’d reveal too much about my sordid personal life and that would be inappropriate in a forum like this. All you need to know is that I’m a hard-working musician with a full time career in subsidising my music career.

Speaking of music, I thank the heavens everyday that I met my band mates and that we make the music that we do. The more we go along the more we realise the importance of making music for ourselves without worrying about whether or not it’ll get radio play, or whether it’s pseudo-intellectual enough to convince the pseudo-intellectuals that it’s OK to like it (what is a pseudo-intellectual you ask? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pseudo-intellectual) - basically they’re idiots. We have a knack for unashamedly speaking our minds and being ourselves. We’re a band, we came together by chance and ended up connecting musically, this is hardly the case anymore. We aspire to be unique musicians, to create music that adds some sort of value to the world. Sure, we all have our influences but we aren’t expressly trying to sound like anyone else, the more we play the more we search for and discover our own voice. And until now we’ve somewhat compromised our own voice because we thought we needed to “fit in” we thought we needed to match up to some vague standard of monotone music in order to make a living from what we do. When the reality is, the day you stop searching for your own voice is the day you’re bored and should stop making music.

So what’s changed? I guess the more we gig the more we realise that the people who are going to identify with what we do will do so regardless of how “mainstream” our music sounds. In fact the more we compromise ourselves the more we alienate the people who will truly appreciate what we’re trying to achieve.

Lately I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the amount of generic bands there are on the local scene. These bands aren’t necessarily made up of bad musicians, well some of them are but most of them are tight and well rehearsed, it’s just that the music they play has been played over and over a million times before so that listening to it is like listening to a fridge hum. And the lyrical content, oh the lyrical content, just because it rhymes doesn’t mean you should use it in your song. For godsakes will someone please stand up and say something interesting! I beg you, I implore you, I beseech you!

But for all my bitching there are of course always the exceptions, every once in a while we are fortunate enough to be in the presence of a true artist and it is these moments that make life worth living. To all of you talented, gifted musicians who possess the ability to so eloquently express the things we all wish we could (you know who you are) I thank you with all my heart for existing.

Peace in the Middle East (I’m really starting to think this is jinxing the middle east)

Quickie Tour – It is Your Destiny

For the moment things are quiet enough on the Cortina front for me to write a blog or two about, well about whatever I damn well choose.

But let’s keep it relevant shall we? We’ve just returned from our Quickie Kwa-Zulu Natal tour and boy oh boy was it… random.

At The Winston we had the pleasure of Destiny the stripper on stage with us which seemed to evoke minor outrage in some and quiet pleasure in others (especially the guy who got a free lap dance after our show). This is what we have to say about Destiny:

Let it be known that Destiny wasn’t our idea but when we were told that she’d be joining us on stage (by our fearless sponsor Roxanne) we didn’t put up any resistance because we don’t see anything wrong with a woman doing what she loves doing even if that entails nudity because we also don’t see anything wrong with nudity (public nudity at that), we were all born naked – correct? So if you have a problem with nudity you essentially have a problem with God’s will. I mean really, every time you look down at your own penis/vagina do you cringe in terror? Don’t get me started. Let it also be known that having live strip shows during our performances will not be a standard practice for Cortina Whiplash, we feel that it detracts from our music because, well because in this A.D.D age it’s hard enough to hold an audience captive without having a large-breasted, naked lady gyrating on stage whilst we play. I’m sure you understand. Plus she has more boob than all of us put together and that doesn’t help our cause either. But to Destiny we’d like to say, thanks for jamming with us, you have a real talent - so use the shit out of it. Coincidentally Destiny was the only one who could afford to buy our album on the night.

Durban is fast becoming our favourite place to perform, best crowds and by far the best party. Durban gigs are the stuff legends are made of.

And so on we went to the Smoking Dragon Women’s festival at the Ampitheatre Backpackers nestled just close enough to the Drakensburg Mountains to make it a breathtakingly beautiful setting and yet not close enough to make us feel guilty for not doing any hiking. This festival highlighted female artists only and we got to enjoy the talents of a wide variety of ladies. There were some truly exceptional individuals on display and it’s always refreshing to encounter new artists who are so good at what they do they inspire you to be better. Besides the great music we have to say that the venue and the organisers of the festival did a spectacular job, the sound was great, the vibe was great, this was definitely one of the best festivals we’ve played so far. Regardless of whether we play it again next year I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be back.

And lastly we had the Pink Girlfest in Volksrust. Best view from a stage ever.

Ok bye.



The Cortina Whiplash Quickie KZN Tour

Durban, we miss you so we're coming through for a quickie this April.
We'll be back for a tour in June so keep your ears to the ground for the rumbling of the Cortina exhaust.

27 April 2011

The Winston Pub (KZN) with Skollie Joll, DJ Weird Beard
& DJ Mud Box Mike
(Free Popcorn / Pool Comp / Drinking Comp )
R20 before 9 pm R30 after 9 pm

30 April 2011

Smoking Dragon Women's Festival, Amphitheatre backpackers in the Drakensburg.
This is a weekend event, check it out online.

1 May 2011

Pink GirlFest, Majuba Mountain (Volksrust) with Karen Zoid
This is a weekend event, check it out online.
Ladies only.

Facebook Event


Pan Flute MAGIC

I know what you’re all thinking…

“When is Cortina Whiplash going to release a pan flute version of their music?”

Wonder no longer.

Cortina Whiplash presents:

“Pan Flute Magic” Cortina Whiplash songs re-imagined.

Coming soon to a Checkers near you!

Click the link to hear "TO AMBER" NOW!



The Red Room's 8th Birthday Party with CORTINA WHIPLASH LIVE

The Red Room presents CORTINA WHIPLASH live for The Red Room's 8th Birthday Party ... a party with a CRAZY 88 take on things!

Expect a night filled with ninja noise, dead brides, psychobilly, gothabilly, tarantino lookalikes, rock 'n roll rodeo, grindhouse goth, spaghetti alternatives, mysterious masks, cowboys, dirty disco, girls with guns, swords, duals, samurai beats, japanse jungle, black mamba, western wonders, haunting hell-raisers ...

and The Red Room djs at their BLOODIEST!!


Prizes and giveaways courtesy of The Red Room for those dressed DEADLIEST!!!

And, there will be free shooters at the door for the first 88 sporting the most mysterious masks!

CORTINA WHIPLASH will be on stage at 10:00 pm, so do get there on time!

26 MARCH 2011


Have you seen this girl??

Shame, regret, dismay, disillusionment, embarrassment, indignity and remorse are the feelings I’m not experiencing right now, no siree after the long weekend with my girls and the band I feel only contentment.

Let me summarise:

On Saturday night Mandy’s disappearance at Wolmer taught us all the value of a good friend and that we should never leave blow-up dolls unattended in the Pretoria North area. So sad..

She was our recorder player, she was our friend, Mandy, so young she still had her hygienic seals in tact, we love you wherever you are.

Playing 3 killer shows in as many nights made me grateful that I have such a great life. I don’t mean to sound boastful (or say “great” too much), but my life is great, it really is. Sure I work, *insert all of life's other unpleasantries here* and all that jazz but come weekends (and most public holidays) I’m cloaked in music and attempting to embody the spirit of rock ‘n roll - what ever that means, all I know is that it's a highly enjoyable undertaking.

Playing so much is coincidentally also improving our playing skills making them all the better to rock you with. Cha Ching!

There were so many highlights this weekend but I’d mostly like to thank everyone who was right up there with us boogieing down to our music, attempting to embody the rock ‘n roll spirit with us. We feel the love big time!

Loandi sommer wants to do naked star jumps for free!

High-5’s all around!

Until next weekend

Peace in the Middle East


“All the money in the world and you’re still a douche… a work in progress”:

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

I know my reasons but what’s your excuse

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

Just learn to love your bad teeth and big tush

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

White S.L.K and a scrunchie to boot

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

That’s why I’m going to the voting booth

I’ll never know why some suffer and some don’t

Why the rich get richer and the poor get broke

All I know is that I’m happy with what I’ve got

And money will never buy the things that I’m not

Why are you defined by these material things?

Sense of self attached to the amount that you bling

If you eat lots of chillies your anus will sting

We’re all the same if you look under our skin


All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

I know my reasons but what’s your excuse

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

Just learn to love your bad teeth and big tush

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

White S.L.K and a scrunchie to boot

All the money in the world and you’re still a douche

Wah wah wah waaaaaah

Yeah so it’s a little rough around the edges –hey! - you try finding words that rhyme with “douche”. But that’s how Cortina Whiplash rolls, never daunted by a seemingly futile undertaking, we always persevere!

All douching aside though, things in the Cortina Whiplash camp are crazier than ever, brinjals, noughts, bruises, mosh pits, you name it - it’s happening. I think finally people are starting to hear what we’re saying which is: “Let go of your inhibitions! Liberate your body and mind, make an ass of yourself and enjoy it! And most of all don’t be afraid because Cortina Whiplash will be there to lead by example.

And to those of you who never had any inhibitions to start with (Joburgers), we salute you!

Until next time.

-Tessa Lily

*Pic by David Butler


To Amber Video Screening @ Tings an` Times

In celebration of our ode to bourbon: "To Amber" video screening tomorrow night we're putting a bottle of Jack Daniels up for grabs. We've learnt that Cortina fans are like little birds that we must coax gently to come to our shows with free booze...



Special Guests:

20h30 PM

R30 at the door


Watch out for the music video for "To Amber" now on MK!

Land Gigs

Cortina Whiplash Gig Guide February 24 - March 26 2011

Hi everyone,

Because we're so busy writing fabulous music we thought we'd save ourselves the trouble and make one event for all the upcoming gigs through to the end of March.

So jump on board and get ready for a month of misbehaving and raw parties.


*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* GIG GUIDE *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*

Thursday 24 Feb (Jhb) - THE BOHEMIAN with The Otherwise & The Stella's

Sunday 27 Feb (15h30) (Jhb) - LOVE & REVOLUTION acoustic set Melville

Thursday 3 March (Potch) - POTCH Tune Nights Pablo's

Saturday 5 March (Clarens) - ROCK BOTTOM BAR
with Rooibaardt, Prelude to June, Motel Inc. and Black Era.

Tuesday 8 March (Pta) - TINGS 'AN TIMES To Amber Video Launch

Friday 11 March (Jhb) - THE BOHEMIAN with The Stella's and TBC

Saturday 19 March (Jhb) - KITCHENERS CARVERY with The Stella's & TBC

Sunday 20 March (Pta) - TINGS 'AN TIMES
SUBMACHINE album launch with Half Price & The Sunday Punchers.

Monday 21 March (Jhb) - THE BOHEMIAN Human Rights Day

Friday 25 March(Pta)- GOSSIP BAR Unplugged

Saturday 26 March (Jhb) - THE RED ROOM BIRTHDAY PARTY

Wednesday 30 March (Jhb) - BENONI COOL RUNNINGS with The Stella's


Peace in the middle east


Sucker for punishment?

Ok so where was I? Oh yes...

- Rock ‘n roll will never die – check
- We won’t write an Afrikaans treffer (unless under a pseudonym or if we’ve already thrown away our self respect) – check
- Music is relative therefore everybody is right and wrong about the Parlotones - check
- We’re awesome so our musical preference is always right – check
- Only if you like our music does your opinion matter – check
- If a wood chuck could chuck wood how much wood would a wood chuck chuck? – undecided

Lately I’ve been thinking that power trips are cool but only if you have some sort of power - which I don’t. So if I had to start power tripping, without wielding any sort of obvious power, what does that make me?

Conclusion: About 90% of the population - a delusional, self-involved butthead who likes hearing them self speak.

And what happens when you give someone like that access to social media and blogging?

That’s right, the Cortina Whiplash blog!

So deal with it.


-Your resident delusional butthead

And now: Saudis in Audis



Lately it’s been an international and local trend to proclaim the death of rock ‘n roll. So as one of SA’s most passionate and dedicated rock ‘n roll acts we thought we should throw our two cents into the mix.

In a nutshell the linked article states that the reason for this proclamation is based mainly on the number of rock acts in the international singles charts, simply put there aren’t any, Florence and the Machine being noted as one of only three “rock” acts in the top 100 selling UK singles acts (I like FATM but don’t know when she became rock ‘n roll). Album sales are down and the quick-fire Idols winners, Justin Biebers, Susan Boyles of the world are being favoured by record labels because of the short-term investment needed to lay a well-produced and packaged single onto the world. It’s a sure fire profit as opposed to investing in the growth and longevity of a rock ‘n roll band.

It’s a fact that the mainstream music industry is fueled by money and if a shaved monkey with a gap tooth could hold a mic and sing, a record label would invest in it and it would probably make more money than Lady Gaga (or is that how they found Lady Gaga *eerie music*). The point is who gives a shit? Do these sorts of acts do anything to change your life besides adding more pomp and little substance to an already over-saturated world? Actually I take that back, I suppose I do give a shit, knowing that a shaved monkey probably would be favoured over all the uber talented and hardworking musicians in this world.

People who believe that the UK single chart is a good barometer for the quality and success of rock ‘n roll music “wouldn’t know good music if it came up and bit them in the ass” – Frank Zappa

But that’s neither here nor there. I think it’s important for us to first establish what rock ‘n roll means. Rock ‘n roll is a hard thing to quantify. To me rock ‘n roll is anything counter culture, but that said, being counter culture is, in a way, buying into a trend just like wear Crocs is buying into a trend. So I guess it’s about your intent, are you buying the Crocs because everyone else is or because they’re comfortable? Rock ‘n roll is about listening to your heart and pursuing the things you’re passionate about, it’s about not giving in to societal pressure to be something you’re not or to do something just because it’s expected of you. To us as Cortina Whiplash, rock ‘n roll is a way of life, it’s an expression of our passion, our emotions and our love of music, it’s about being true to yourself, thinking for yourself and not being motivated by selfishness or arrogance, Jesus was rock ‘n roll, so was Bob Marley, so was Gandhi, so was Nelson Mandela, so was Yoda, they all stuck to their guns, they all made a difference. (Imagine if Gandhi had worked in insurance?) Rock ‘n roll is about us holding onto the belief that one day we will live in a world that values things such as humility over celebrity, kindness over selfish gain, respect for the environment over the size of your car, and music is our platform to voice this message.

So the state of rock ‘n roll is not exactly about how many rock artists are present on the UK single chart, it’s about way more than that - if we loose rock ‘n roll we loose it all.

Or maybe rock ‘n roll is just about loud guitars and smoke machines. But it certainly isn’t about how many rock artists are on the UK single chart.

So come rock out with us at one of our shows or buy the gap-toothed monkey’s album.

Your choice.


article link: http://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/music/long-live-rock-n-roll



...say it like it is

Finally I get to impose my thoughts on those of you fantastic enough to read this.

Lately I’ve been thinking that all the thinking in the world can’t make an alternative band like us more mainstream and so we’ve decided… F*%& MAINSTREAM! Even if that means we’ll be poor and homeless for eternity, yup we will never write a “Kaptein”, so all you “profs” out there can stop telling us that all we need to do to be successful is to write an Afrikaans treffer and dolly ourselves up blah blah blah, (we do such things under a clever pseudonym anyway). Cortina Whiplash are 3 (sometimes 4) girls who’ve been making music together out of their combined necessity for some sort of emotional outlet, music is our therapy and its value way exceeds the value of having thousands of ignoramuses buy our album.

Sure we gig and we try to sell our album, let’s be realistic here, we can’t make music our living if we don’t make a living from it and we constantly walk the fine line between completely selling out on the one hand and maintaining our integrity and original passion for music on the other. Sadly music is the one career choice where you constantly find yourself justifying why you should be paid for what you do. Does anyone ever question an electrician’s fees? Or feel that they have the right to tell a doctor how he/she should do their job?

Let’s set the record straight:

  • We have the ability to write catchy, toned-down, radio friendly tunes yet we choose not to. I know this is hard for a lot of people to understand but that’s how it is.
  • Many musicians before us have cracked the mainstream industry doing their own thing and hey if it that happens with Cortina then we’ll invite everyone over for a jacuzzi party – integrity in tact (until after the party) and if it doesn’t happen well then we’ll make music on our stoop for the rest of our daysintegrity in tact.
  • We appreciate all the advice but respectfully ask that if you feel like you know the key to cracking the music industry – start a band of your own. Alternatively give us money instead of advice, it would help more.
  • We want people to evolve as listeners and hope that one day mainstream music will be determined by its quality rather than its flashy image.

Maybe we’re the idiots for having some sort of message or purpose behind what we do, every time some guy shouts “play some Kurt Darren” from the audience we communally vomit in our mouths and wonder “what’s the point?”, but at this juncture I can’t imagine putting any more thoughtless, empty, meaningless music out there for the sake of making money. Surely we’re not the only ones who feel like the world needs a little more substance?