"Preliminary impressions include:
1)    They’re good musicians
2)    They’re awesome performers
3)    They sound better than anything I’ve heard recently in SA
4)    Their lyrics are feisty and intelligent
5)    Their songs are well-crafted.
6)    Their debut CD, Queen Hyena, gets better every time I hear it.
7)    Their songs worked just as well in the acoustic renditions I heard
8)    They drink tequila
9)    They don’t try too hard
10) They’re serious about this band thing." (Nov 24, 2010)

"Imagine if Motorhead, Wolfmother and HorrorPops fornicated in a musical orgy? The result would be a zany bastard child, equally adept in punk, rock and psychobilly. That`s pretty much the best way you can describe Cortina Whiplash`s Queen Hyena. "
- Muse Reports, (Oct 12, 2010)
"..I couldn’t help but imagine Cortina Whiplash sharing the stage with artists, such as Patti Smith and Iggy Pop, from that era – they seemingly possess the same sort of extraordinary attitude, flair and emotion to create a genuine stir."
- Sergio Pereira, (Sep 13, 2010)
"..the production delivers a powerful, clean bite. Queen Hyena sounds old-fashioned and dirty, with a hip, modern swagger that circles Loandi Boersma's whisky-soaked, breathy melodies like a hungry vulture. "
- Yusuf Laher, (Sep 03, 2010)
"Rock star moment was Cortina Whiplash on Friday night. They were so very, very cool.
In fact, lead singer Louandi out-rock-starred both Francois van Coke and Wynand Myburgh of Van Coke Kartel and Fokofpolisiekar. "
- Therese Owen, (Aug 11, 2010)

"I have a feeling they are gonna be the talk of Oppikoppi this year. They have the songs, they have the skills, they are rock 'n' roll and they are not afraid to celebrate it. "
- Therese Owen, (Jul 07, 2010) 

"Musically apt, their unique blend of soul bent rock n roll will drive you crazy, believe me."
- Jimmy H, (May 21, 2010)

"This is quite simply the best album I have ever heard from a South African band. The production is slick, the album artwork is world class, the songwriting epic and the melodies are beautiful and you sure as hell can get your rocks off to it. "
- Jimmy H, (May 21, 2010)

"Fortunately, immediate redemption is on hand when Cortina Whiplash hit the stage. The all-girl 3-piece have more balls than all the blustering lad-bands at the festival combined, with their raw, snarling, helter-skelter blues-rock powered by bassist and lead singer Loandi Boersma’s feral stage prowling and Joplin-channeling vocal energy. By the time they rip into their blistering cover of Patti Smith’s “Rock ‘n Roll Nigger” you begin to wonder if the metal fence in front of the stage is to protect the band from the audience or vice versa."
- Alex Sudheim, (Apr 07, 2010)

"But for all the rock and roll and lust I can talk, the simple fact is that Cortina Whiplash are not just three hot chicks on stage. They’re awesome performers and natural musicians. They rip through the stage and crowd with abandon, without sacrificing a note, with balls, bad boy energy and sheer style. Just as they slip into a groove, they take you someplace else, some place you really want to go."
- Nathan Zeno , (Mar 16, 2009)