New drummer takes the stage

We are ready to take the stage and rock your socks off like never before! Join us at Town Hall for The Stella's Video ReLaunch Party!

Video Relaunch of The Stella's debut music video, "Get Going"

With Special Guests:
  • Black Pimpin' Jesus
  • Cortina Whiplash
  • Tidal Waves

20 Bones gets you in!

Free Shots at the door, Giveaways & More!

There is also a party at The Woods, so for R30 extra, you can get access to both venues and treat yourself to:
  • Eyes Like Mirrors
  • Aneva
  • Dead Alphabet
  • Man as Machine
See you Rockers & Rollers there!


Converse Halloween Block Party

Hi Cortina fans, open this link to win FREE double tickets to the Converse Halloween Block Party where you can see our brothers The Stella's in action. Just click on the "Block Party" app under the Converse profile pic and then on the "click here to activate your tag" button and follow the steps. We just got our tickets. Hope to see you there!



I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that music is a lot like sport.

You see I often marvel at sport’s ability to connect people no matter what their differences and I’m fascinated by how guys chasing after a ball and sort of, but not quite, touching each others’ balls can have people glued to their TVs. I watch with wonderment as the outcome of a match dictates peoples’ emotional state for the day and to be honest with you all the while I secretly wish that local music had the same hold and impact on people.

I guess with sport you always know what you’re going to get, there’ll be a loser and there’ll be a winner and they’ll both be praying to god to win, and god will be too busy being an omnipotent, unimaginably magnificent being to give a shit, but that’s not the point...point is, there are a lot of rubbish bands around so I can understand why people feel like, when it comes to music, they don’t always know what they’re going to get. At the same time there are a lot of brilliant bands out there and let’s face it you have to wade through a lot of B.S before you find a diamond. Today everyone who owns an electronic device can make a tune and put it out there so be prepared to wade the crap out of that crap.

But back to sport and music.

Think of bands like ‘teams’ and gigs like ‘matches’. There will be winners and there will be losers, sometimes everyone will lose and sometimes everyone will win. There will be good sportsmanship between bands but sometimes it will get dirty. I like to think of sound engineers as ‘referees’ who occasionally “fix” gigs with bad sound ruining the most brilliantly talented band’s game. Of course some refs are fantastic and get kick drums sounding so phat you can feel the beat in your chest. And who doesn’t love a streaker? The analogy is endless.

My point? I don’t have to have a point.



Happy Happy

We wish the happiest of birthdays to our fearless front lady. Happy birthday Loandi!

You have a voice that can shake any tree, we love Thee!


Where music venues go to die

When did our country become a totalitarian state that seeks to shut down venues that promote live local music? Or is it just the disgruntled neighbours who, because they haven't had sex in the past 20 years, choose to release their energy in less enjoyable ways like bitching and lodging complaints about the noise of those who are having fun?

I'll never know because in my corner of reality music is an integral part of humanity and the money spent trying to shut down music venues (music venues I might add that provide employment for many people) could be better spent on, oh I don't know, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome awareness? Education? Public transport?

'Tis a sad day when music become
s the target of the ignorant.

But there is no way to stifle music, the more they try the more creative we'll become at finding places and ways to continue making m

What say you?

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P.S. Sign the petition!http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savecrf


We might even cook you breakfast

Big ups to WOOLWORTHS SA for rolling with us for a day!

Click here to Check out the Competition:
You could win a private Cortina Whiplash gig at your house... you know you want to get up close and personal with us, we might even cook you breakfast.


Being in a position where you have to choose one person and let others down sucks balls, we wish we could've chosen everyone and created a multi-drummer extravaganza of a band but alas that would mean no room on stage for the rest of us. This has been one of the hardest decisions for us to make as a band and I don't think we'll ever put ourselves through this process again - it's kak!

Thank you all again and don't stop jamming, you all have bright futures as musicians if you choose to go that route...


We don't want money or fame we just want to make you feel uncomfortable

My good people, specifically Cortina Whiplash fanpagedom... as the year starts winding down so too will the band, for as much as we love performing circus tricks for you all we must take time to conclude the search for our new drummer, begin the momentous task of band bonding, record a new video or two and start work on our upcoming album (pant).
But do not despair!
We'll still be playing a few select shows
(did we mention the super secret super awesome show this Thursday at the Bo? http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=229125120443665) before the year is up.

Let it be known that when we do return in full force next year we'll be even more tasteless and vulgar than ever (yet with a bigger sense of irony). We are the cold, hard, ugly truth and we're here to stay. So to all of you who've tried to sabotage us, underestimated us, attempted to belittle us, projected their emotional issues or feelings of inadequacy on us, or behaved in any other lame manner towards this band we spit on you *ptweey* and we say, "You missed the point douche!" when you get it we'll be waiting at the poolside bar and so will the rest of the fantastic people we call our friends.