Where music venues go to die

When did our country become a totalitarian state that seeks to shut down venues that promote live local music? Or is it just the disgruntled neighbours who, because they haven't had sex in the past 20 years, choose to release their energy in less enjoyable ways like bitching and lodging complaints about the noise of those who are having fun?

I'll never know because in my corner of reality music is an integral part of humanity and the money spent trying to shut down music venues (music venues I might add that provide employment for many people) could be better spent on, oh I don't know, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome awareness? Education? Public transport?

'Tis a sad day when music become
s the target of the ignorant.

But there is no way to stifle music, the more they try the more creative we'll become at finding places and ways to continue making m

What say you?

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We might even cook you breakfast

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Being in a position where you have to choose one person and let others down sucks balls, we wish we could've chosen everyone and created a multi-drummer extravaganza of a band but alas that would mean no room on stage for the rest of us. This has been one of the hardest decisions for us to make as a band and I don't think we'll ever put ourselves through this process again - it's kak!

Thank you all again and don't stop jamming, you all have bright futures as musicians if you choose to go that route...