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So we’ve hit a slight snag with the intellectual property rights and SAMRO and our album printing can’t be finalized until all that has all been cleared, something about the “law” and stuff. I’m just going to stop saying that our album is almost ready now. I think I’ve been saying that for a couple of months already.

I hereby solemnly vow that until I am making snow-angels in a pile of our CD’s I will not update this page to say that our album is “almost done”.

To tide you all over we’ve posted a new track on Myspace and Facebook. This is the album’s namesake and our slight foray into reggae; ladies and gentlemen I give you Queen Hyena”.



Pic by Hanro Havenga


The moon bag, to most a symbol of bad taste but to a small few a nostalgic throwback to the days of grunge music, you see to me the moon bag represents a time when practicality took priority over image, when people wrote their own lyrics, when an entire generation got so sick of the cocaine-induced, electro-pop of the 80’s that they completely stripped it down and started a musical revolution.

I'm talking about the grunge era people, and let it be known...

Cortina Whiplash are bringing back the grunge!

I was watching Mtv the other day and something very sinister struck me, every smooth, young face staring back at me was to-good-to-be-true attractive. It would seem that having a “marketable” image has taken priority over how good a musician you are. I mean, do we really need to see Alicia Keys fake-riding BMW motorbikes in her videos, is that what it’s come to, how many times you can flash your logo in 3:30 mins? The way I see it, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig, and the “decoration” only serves to detract from the fact that the product is bad.

So that’s why Cortina Whiplash have decided to strip it down just like our grunge forefathers did. Our fashion sense is bad and our music isn't motivated by the $$$$. It’s time that the over-produced, one-hit-wonders of the world step aside, stop the theatrics and make room for the next wave of the revolution.

Peace in the Middle East

Tessa Lily



Edition 1.4

Tempted as I am to discuss the images of young Neo-Nazis and imperialist-hating cretins (what a good word, thanks Winnie) being relentlessly flashed before me, I shall resist. But before I move on I just want to say one thing: “'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

“Oh the hills are alive, with the sound of music…”

We’ve just returned from playing the Splashy Fen music festival in the Underberg of Kwazulu-Natal, it was our first time attending, we’ve survived many Oppikoppi’s, a KKnK, some Aardklop, Woodstock but never been to Splashy Fen for some reason, and I just have to say that it was not only beautiful, but well organized - an all round winner. The arrogant me would say that it wouldn’t have been as amazing if we hadn’t played, there is something spectacularly divine that happens when Cortina Whiplash play a gig somewhere, it’s as if their music spreads pure joy. But of course that would be inappropriate and extremely bias.

I figure if every one else is living in a delusion I might as well join in the fun. In my delusion, Cortina Whiplash have the space and funding to only spend their time writing music and becoming better musicians. We also have a pet baby cayman alligator called Snuffy.

What’s it like in your delusion?

Peace in the Middle East

The Lebanese Assassin

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