Cortina Whiplash - Acoustic Set @ Love & Revolution

Shop 4B, 7th Street Melville, Johannesburg

Lash by bloody lash
The She-devils from Danville
Will get their revenge...

...for those of you who don't like it too rough; we give you acoustic
whiplash at one of our absolute favourite spots in the world
- Love & Revolution.

Come hungry, they serve a lovely vegetarian lunch.
Free entrance
Donations welcome

3 - 6 PM

Bring your mother

Pray That My Flu Clears up Quickly

We are the red, ripe, pulsating pimple on your face. We are that finger-licking friend who sticks their grimy hand in your pack of crisps. We are that awkward silence after someone commits a social faux-pas. We are that tight key-ring that hurts your nail every time you try adding a key to it. We are the phlegm that just won’t go down.

Oh no wait… that’s not us, we’re awesome in fact we’re the opposite of all the things I just said. I was actually describing 3 Talk with Noleen and all the other things I feel superior towards, superiority included.

You see, it’s not easy being a hyper-intelligent being in this day and age, what with all the poor grammar and E-minor blues pentatonic scales going around, it really prays on ones sense of well-being. I’ve searched for others like me but my benefit-of-the-doubt approach with people often leaves me feeling depressed and despondent. People are such a bummer. And I know this sounds superbly arrogant of me, this self-made proclamation of hyper-intelligence but it is a reality I have to bear and often those of a lesser intellect will feel threatened and insulted by such a proclamation, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

What’s my point you ask? There is no point. Life is futile. That’s why I play in a rock ‘n roll band - it beats allowing somebody to beat off their suppressed, my-childhood-made-me-this-way issues on me. That and the ability to bleed out your emotions through a booze-fueled, distortion-heavy, rock ‘n roll hurricane is something I wouldn’t trade for a million years.

Peace in the Middle East.
-Tessa Lily