We don't want money or fame we just want to make you feel uncomfortable

My good people, specifically Cortina Whiplash fanpagedom... as the year starts winding down so too will the band, for as much as we love performing circus tricks for you all we must take time to conclude the search for our new drummer, begin the momentous task of band bonding, record a new video or two and start work on our upcoming album (pant).
But do not despair!
We'll still be playing a few select shows
(did we mention the super secret super awesome show this Thursday at the Bo? http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=229125120443665) before the year is up.

Let it be known that when we do return in full force next year we'll be even more tasteless and vulgar than ever (yet with a bigger sense of irony). We are the cold, hard, ugly truth and we're here to stay. So to all of you who've tried to sabotage us, underestimated us, attempted to belittle us, projected their emotional issues or feelings of inadequacy on us, or behaved in any other lame manner towards this band we spit on you *ptweey* and we say, "You missed the point douche!" when you get it we'll be waiting at the poolside bar and so will the rest of the fantastic people we call our friends.